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Auntie Fran writes children’s books that deal with the true stories of real life children. Children are more resilient than we give them credit for and in their own way they can reduce stress without even realizing it. We can learn so much just by listening to the ideas that children perceive and the explanations they give when confronted with questions like “Why? How? or even What?”

Readers as well as those being read to, will gain a knowledge of how innocently admirable, children are. They can solve the most complex of problems by their own innocent solutions and truly believe that their solution worked. We can certainly learn by the antics of children and by their non judgmental attitudes.

The characters in my books are children we have seen and hopefully have had some type of interaction with. These children express emotions, compassion, and uninhibited love. I created them because I feel we WERE them at a certain time in our lives however, we sometimes forget just how beautiful life truly is when it is embraced through minds and eyes of children.

The Little Boy Who Wouldn't Hug

This story takes you through a child's emotions while navigating through his journey of this particular phase of his life. Can this same child's faith in humanity be found thereby, restoring acceptance, confidence, joy, hope, happiness and security? Children will be able to identify with the characters when reading THE LITTLE BOY WHO WOULDN'T HUG or by being read to by someone else. This debut book written by a talented new author, kicks off the theme of a child's life journey. Future themes to be explored, will grow with children throughout the series.


Noot's In Charge

Norman doesn’t understand why his big brother, Noot, is always in charge! Will it ever be his turn to be in charge? How can he prove himself to be worthy? Gorgeously illustrated and thoughtfully written, Noot’s in Charge is an instant classic that explores the up’s and down’s of growing up with siblings.

Available 1/15/18
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